About Us

Broadway Licensing is a premier theatrical licensing company that grants the live stage rights (grand rights) of Broadway musicals to theatres around the world.

Broadway Licensing works with authors, producers and agents to execute innovative strategies in the global distribution of these dramatico-works and is the sole source for the authorized scripts, music materials and support resources that our partners rely on for success.


Our Vision

We believe there is room in the global licensing business for a company that approaches the stock and amateur universe in a wholly personal and producorial way.  Creating a 360-degree experience that realizes local producers as partners instead of customers and harnesses the power derived from embracing the intersection of art and commerce.


We are in the business of enabling authentic participatory experiences that deeply impact the doers and the sharers.  As a trusted curator of the best of Broadway we help build experiences that are bigger then ourselves; where communities come together to share the ideas of an author’s work, inspiring conversations and forging memories that last a lifetime.


An author’s goal is to have as many people experience their work as possible and Broadway Licensing is poised to champion this with its pioneering digital platform, high touch servicing and innovative thinking.  Our ability to  maximize the value of an author’s work is only rivaled by our ability to protect an author’s copyright.  In a world where technology can cause isolationism, we find this work authentic, meaningful and socially relevant.  We look forward to working with dynamic authors, savvy agents, and visionary producers who realize that the power of being the art is sometimes as great as seeing the art.

Please visit our sister company, Playscripts.


Playscripts plays and musicals represent a great diversity of voices, styles, and stories. We license amateur productions to high schools and community theatres around the world. We publish standard acting editions, binder books, collections, and eScripts.

The Playscripts website provides a unique and extensive suite of services for playwrights and customers. Visitors can search for plays that fit their specific needs, read lengthy script samples for free, and buy books and performance rights, online with ease.