About Us

Broadway Licensing Global and its family of imprints (Broadway LicensingDramatists Play Service, Playscripts, and Stageworks) is the global leader in theatrical licensing and distribution. The iconic works represented epitomize the greatest collection of authors, composers, lyricists, and underlying rights holders across the globe including Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Lynn Nottage, Alan Menken, Stephen King, the Bee Gees, The Beatles, and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions.

The Broadway Licensing Global collection of titles represents an astonishing 40 Tony Award® and 49 Pulitzer Prize-winning works. The company leverages its team’s expertise in licensing, theatrical production, theatre education, and content creation to diversify, strengthen, and rapidly expand its portfolio into new sectors and markets. Founded in 2017, Broadway Licensing has quickly scaled and, as of 2022, the company represents 8 of the Top 10 most produced plays in professional theatres and 9 of the Top 10 most produced plays in High Schools.

In 2020, Broadway Licensing Global launched the Emmy Award® nominated streaming platform Broadway On Demand, offering exclusive theatrical content, interactive events, and original programming. Additionally, Stageworks Productions, the original live stage content creation arm dedicated to the development of innovative, theatrical intellectual properties has developed several world premiere musicals which have been produced in over 90 countries. In all, the combined force of the Broadway Licensing Global family of imprints continues to grow, with a singular goal to make everyone in the world a theatre person.

At Broadway Licensing Global, we value diversity and believe our differences are what make us special. We continuously strive to be a culture of belonging for all team members, with the aim to create an environment where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work.

We are committed to implementing sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices via our Green Business Benchmark certification.

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Leadership Team


Jennifer Isaacson (she/her)

SVP, Licensing

Stephanie Cowan (she/her)

Director of Musical Licensing

Zach Kaufer (he/him)

Director of Play Licensing

James Cawood (he/him)

Director, Licensing Sales (UK/Europe)

Sara Skolnick (she/her)

International & Touring Licensing

Lauren Kardos (she/her)

Senior Manager Licensing Services

Sean Gregory (he/him)

Lead Pro Play Licensing Associate

Bradley Schlagheck (he/him)

Pro Musical Licensing Associate

Amanda DeLalla (she/her)

Play Licensing Associate

Kyle Lampar (he/him they/them)

Play Licensing Associate

Scott Huffman (he/him)

Play Licensing Associate

Melissa Kline (she/her)

Play Licensing Associate

Lauren Jannetti (she/her)

Musical Licensing Associate

Sabrina Bruk (she/her)

Retail Customer Service Associate

Acquisition & Artistic Services

Kent Nicholson (he/him)

SVP Acquisitions & Artistic Services

Sara Skolnick (she/her)

Director of Acquisitions & New Work

Yoni Weiss (he/him they/them)

Manager of Acquisitions & New Work


Jeffery Keilholtz (he/him)

SVP, Marketing

Nisan Davydov (he/him)

Marketing Director

Zach Dulli (he/him)

Director of Education & Community Initiatives

Shay Virk (she/her)

Senior Marketing Manager (UK/Europe)

Elise Ay (she/her)

Digital Marketing Manager

Kyle Nesbit (he/him)

Product Marketing Manager

Adam Shaff (he/him)

Web Content Manager

Ricky Smith (he/him)

Digital Content Manager

Maegan Wood (she/her)

Data Analyst

Music & Publications

David Abbinanti (he/him)

SVP, Music & Publications

Leah Barker (she/her)

Senior Manager of Publications

Anna Martin (she/her)

Project Manager, Music & Publications

Kaylee Long (she/her)

Manager of Music & Materials

Cal Derreberry (they/them)

Lead Publications Associate

Arlene Hellerman (she/her)

Publications Associate

Anna Mullens (she/her)

Publications Associate

Evan Johnson (he/him)

Music & Materials Associate


Glenn Turell (he/him)

Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Azizi (she/her)


Flaka Sejdaj (she/her)

AR Manager & Royalties Associate

Aryn Lawson (she/her)

Royalty and Finance Associate

Minhyun Kim (he/him)

AP Associate


Rachel Keimach (she/her)

SVP, Business Operations

Alex Hwang (he/him)

Senior Manager - Supply Chain

Shravan Shah (he/him)

Product Owner

Leona Luo (she/her)

Systems Analyst

Siu Samantha Yuen (she/her)

IT Data Specialist

Madeline Parks (she/her)

Operations Coordinator

Office of the President

Mira Kipshidze (she/her)

Assistant to the President