Marco Gentili (he/him)

Marco Gentili (he/him)

VP, Human Resources

Marco Gentili (he/him) is a key executive at Broadway Licensing Global, bringing strategic HR expertise to the forefront of the Broadway entertainment industry. His role involves overseeing the strategic integration of HR practices within the company, focusing on areas such as talent acquisition, performance coaching, and HR technology integration.

Prior to his current position, Marco led the HR department at Alpha FMC – AWM / Axxsys in New York City. There, he was instrumental in implementing HRIS technology solutions and aligning HR strategies with the company’s business objectives, enhancing operational efficiency.

His tenure at Lightbox OOH Video Network and Gilbert was marked by successfully guiding teams through periods of strategic growth. Marco’s approach has always been to foster environments where strategic planning and team development are harmonized.  At LaSalle Capital, Marco played a significant role in redefining HR’s contribution to the business, aligning it closely with overall business strategy and contributing to organizational restructuring and efficiency.

As the Vice President of Human Resources at Broadway Licensing Global, Marco Gentili is a pivotal figure in the organization’s ongoing success. His leadership in HR is marked by a focus on innovative strategies and operational excellence, which continues to drive the company’s growth and success in the entertainment sector.