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While the sun shines brightly and the warm summer breeze dances around us, it may seem odd at first to start thinking about the holiday season. After all, the days are longer, and thoughts of snowflakes and jingle bells seem far away. However, believe it or not, this is the perfect time to embark on the annual quest to find …

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Shows for New Beginnings

New beginnings are a recurring theme in the world of theater, as playwrights explore the transformative power of fresh starts and the complexities that come with them. In the shows Fireflies by Matthew Barber, The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin by Kirsten Childs, Shutter Sisters by Mansa Ra, A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter, and Bubble Boy …

Spring Musicals That Will Pack the House

Spring Musicals That Will Pack the House

How is it already the spring semester? With the holidays out of the way, your mind is probably geared toward planning your springtime musical. Are you looking for a big ensemble piece for your whole drama club? How about a show direct from Broadway with a minimal set? Or even a zany, dark tale that is rocking it with the …

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Your New Favorite Perennial Holiday Show

Looking for a reliably entertaining show to fill the Holiday slot in your season? Here are six that each offer something different for all audiences. Why perennial shows? The holiday season is a perfect time for your theatre to establish a cornerstone production that your audience will keep coming back to year after year. Make your holiday production a family …

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The Ultimate Musical Guide for Back-to-School Planning

It’s here: The Ultimate Musical Guide for Back-to-School Planning! Discover Broadway hits, familiar favorites, and hidden gems that will fit your needs.  You can find everything you’re looking for here: Large Cast Minimal Set

Beat Bugs premieres at Pantochino this October!

Award-winning Pantochino Productions Inc., a not-for-profit professional theatre company for family audiences, presents the world premiere of “Beat Bugs: A Musical Adventure” for a three-week run at the MAC, Milford Arts Council in Downtown Milford beginning this Friday, October 12 at 7:30pm. We sat down with one of the show’s cast members to ask about her experience with the show …