MOTHERS DAY Blog 5.11.23 (1)


Mother’s Day is a special occasion allowing us to honor and show appreciation for the remarkable women who have raised, nurtured, and shaped us into the individuals we are today. Whether one assumes the cherished role of a mother, desires to offer a memorable gift to their own mother, or simply seeks to explore new and captivating theatrical productions that …

A person in a riding uniform, an old maid, and detective in a trench coat stand with glasses and bottle of flammable liquid. Back to School Planning is in white and red font and The Ultimate Play Guide in white text.

The Ultimate Play Guide for Back-to-School Planning

School is back in session! Still setting your season? Find your next great play here! Browse our recommendations in the following categories: Female-Led Gender Expansive Diverse Stories Challenging Roles Minimal Set Large Cast Pre-Approved for Competition Cuts