Princess Cassie and the Fairy Queen

Hooray! It’s Princess Cassie’s 12th birthday! To earn her crown and become a true princess, she must deliver a gift to the Fairy Queen while avoiding the witches and other dangers that await in the forbidden woods. With the help of new friends, Cassie uses her bravery, knowledge, and kindness to complete her journey.




Florence Milazzo

Florence Milazzo

Book Florence Ann Milazzo attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts before transferring to the University of Southern California Film/TV School, focusing her studies on writing, editing and composing.

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AnnMarie Milazzo

AnnMarie Milazzo

Music and Lyrics ANNMARIE MILAZZO (Composer/Lyricist) Lucky Us (with David Foster, directed by Michael Mayer) A Walk on the Moon (directed by Sheryl Kaller), Pretty Dead Girl, winner of the Special Jury...

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Adam Wachter

Adam Wachter

Music and Lyrics Adam Wachter‘s varied body of work includes experience as a composer, lyricist, book writer, music director, pianist, and educator, and The Hollywood Reporter called him a “breakout...

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Princess Cassie
12 years old, a naive and very young looking 12 year old who does not have a mean bone in her body. Every in the kingdom loves her. She is a part of every family in the kingdom. When the people of the kingdom celebrate her birthday, it’s as if they are celebrating the birthday of one of their own children. Happy, fun-loving, nature loving, family oriented young girl who wants to start seeking independence, yearning to grow up.

Dedicated mother, warm, loving and thinks only of THE KING, PRINCESS CASSIE and all of the people in the kingdom, whom she cherishes deep in her heart. A protective mother to PRINCESS CASSIE, she is the worried one when PRINCESS CASSIE leaves on her journey to the Fairy Kingdom, although she knows in her heart that she has to let her go.

What you would imagine a KING to look and act like in a fairy tale…jolly, rotund, his own sense of style and goofy grace. A wonderful King to his people, smiling and helpful, nothing gets this guy down. Loves his daughter, PRINCESS CASSIE most of all, and his wife, the QUEEN; a dedicated family man and a beloved KING to everyone.

Sammy the Fox
A FOX, a sly, crafty, but mostly an adorably cuddly FOX, with a huge heart and a very loyal friend to all. DOBY the RABBIT is his best friend and constant companion.

Doby the Rabbit
The friendliest, happiest little creature…but gets scared at everything. He/She stutters a bit, but that doesn’t stop him from saying what he thinks or feels. He/She depends on SAMMY THE FOX to protect him, but tries hard to lead as well. The most loyal and kind hearted animal, he/she just wants all to be happy and for things to end well.

…exactly that. A WITCH, as in the WICKED WITCH of everywhere. Harsh, weird laughing is her thing….she loves being wicked. Loves to sing about it too. The entire forest kingdom is scared of her. She hates anyone or anything nice.

The Little Fairy
THE LITTLE FAIRY is the daughter of the FAIRY QUEEN of FAIRYLAND. A magical, mystical place somewhere within the forest of PRINCESS CASSIE’S KINGDOM and the center of PRINCESS CASSIE’S 12th birthday journey. Trying to seek her own independence within the confines of her own mother, FAIRY QUEEN, the LITTLE FAIRY also learns about the importance of trust and friends.

Fairy Queen
THE FAIRY QUEEN is loved by all of the fairies and cute little animals of her Fairy Kingdom. The LITTLE FAIRY is her only child/daughter, so she is very protective as well.

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