Cyrano de BurgerShack

Cyrano is king of the local BurgerShack, but he can’t seem to win the love of his best friend, Roxanne. When Roxanne confesses her crush on the new burger-flipper, Christian, Cyrano decides that playing Cupid is better than sitting out of the game. An updated, modern-day version of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, this rollicking musical features hit contemporary pop songs that will have audiences cheering.

12F, 7M + Ensemble
1 hour 40 minutes



Jeremy Desmon

Jeremy Desmon

Book Jeremy Desmon is an award-winning musical theatre bookwriter whose stories have played around the world. The Girl in the Frame, seen in over a dozen productions, earned him the prestigious Edward...

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"A family-friendly show that is certainly most accessible and enjoyable for young audiences, and delivers an important message of loving yourself the way you are with an excellent embedding of Pink's Perfect."

Herald Tribune


9 Musicians

Piano/Conductor (Keyboard I)
Reed I (Alto Sax)
Reed II (Tenor Sax)
Trumpet I
Trumpet II
Guitar (Electric & Acoustic)
Bass (Electric)


Male - 16-18
Quick-witted, intense, and outwardly confident, Cyrano sports a famously enormous (prosthetic) nose. He uses his verbal skill to hide insecurities about how he looks.

Female - 16-18
Brilliant, beautiful, and a champion fencer, Roxanne leads with her wit. That said, she is a romantic and believes in storybook love. Her friendship with Cyrano is strong and true, though she is oblivious of his affections for her.

Male - 16-18
Handsome with a bright smile and an easygoing charm. Not the brightest star in the sky, but he has serious style and flair and amazing moves.

Female - 16-18
The cashier. A snarky, wry emo gal with a palpable lack of customer service skills.

Male - 16-18
Fry-guy. Free spirit and schemer. Wears a hat.

Female - 16-18
Shake-master. Weird, wild and wonderful. As treasurer of Drama Club, Wanda is prone to dramatics.

Dani, Chloe, & Zoe
Females - 16-18
Three girls on Roxanne’s fencing team. Rather tough ladies. Always together.

Hot Todd
Male - 16-18
Roxanne’s haughty ex-boyfriend. Seriously, dude, she’s not into you. Let it go.

Edmond High Girl’s Fencing Team
Females - 16-18
“Go Cadets…En Garde!” In a nod to the swashbuckling source material, the only sports team of note at Edmond High is the girls’ fencing team, led by their captain, Roxanne. Sporting mostly-white uniforms, these rockin’ women give the show bursts of unique choreographic energy.

Doctor’s Assistant

Various High School students, The Drama Club, Cheering Parents, etc.

Cast Vocal Ranges

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Piano/Conductor (Keyboard I), Reed I (Alto Sax), Reed II (Tenor Sax), Trumpet I, Trumpet II, Trombone, Guitar (Electric & Acoustic), Bass (Electric), Drums

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Book by
Jeremy Desmon

A Modern Retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac by
Edmond Rostand

Music Copyright Notices

“A Song For Roxanne”
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“We Got the Beat”
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