County Fair

After the death of their father, two sisters, Claudia and DJ Stratford, return home to deal with their inheritance: a massive and beloved county fair in rural Georgia. Thinking that this could be the cash windfall that they desperately seek, the sisters plan to sell off the fair land to the highest bidder, then high tail it back to civilization. But when Claudia starts to fall in love with the fair, the townsfolk, and an over-apologetic board member, her heart leads her away from her sister and down a path she’s unprepared for. Needing the money to pay off a large, secret gambling debt, DJ must do whatever it takes to sell the fair – even if that means sabotaging her sister’s new romantic relationship. Betrayals, imposters, and mistaken identity lead to sister battling sister in a winner-take-all Messina County Dixie Derby competition to save the fair. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and full of all your favorite country hits like “Chicken Fried,” “Hey Good Lookin’,” “The House That Built Me,” “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” and so many others, County Fair is a new musical comedy about sisters, community, and being proud of where you come from.

9F, 5M, 10 Any + Ensemble
2 hours 10 minutes



Taylor Ferrera

Taylor Ferrera

Writer Taylor Ferrera is a writer and performer based in New York City. Her satirical songs on YouTube have over a million views and have been featured in the Huffington Post, on NBC, and for Stephen Sondheim at the New York City...

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Matt Webster

Matt Webster

Writer Matt Webster is a New York City based actor and writer. Matt performed on Broadway at the Hudson Theatre in DGF Toasts: Stephen Schwartz. In addition to singing in the show, Matt contributed the vocal arrangements....

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6 Musicians

Guitar 1
Guitar 2


Claudia Stratford
Female - 20s
Younger sister to DJ Stratford. Claudia is kind, smart and strong, but when we meet her, her true self is tucked away inside an unsure and easily-led current persona.

DJ Stratford
Female - Late 20s
Older sister to Claudia Stratford. DJ appears maternal at first, but she will do whatever it takes to protect herself, even if that means hurting her sister.

Roberta “Coach” Willet
Female - 50s
Known to everyone as Coach, she is a force to be reckoned with. She’s loud, proud, and has coached every sport in Messina County and has the trophies to prove it. The only thing she’s quiet about is her love life.

Harry Marlowe
Male - 20s
The newest member of the Fair’s Board of Directors. Harry would apologize to a screen door if he let it slam behind him. He’s caring and gentle, but can be slow to open up.

Female - 20s
A strong willed and self-proclaimed Redneck Woman. Bea’s got a temper, but if you have a genuine heart, she’ll stand beside you every chance she gets. Unless your name is Ben. Then she’ll always pick on you.

A hard working and farm-loving Country Boy. Ben is sometimes afraid to make a big move. But when he’s in his element, he’s as confident as Bea – who he’s always at war with.

Male - 50s
The Messina County Fair Security Guard Chief – a title that he wields every summer. He’s a little slow on the uptake, but he makes up for it with honesty, loyalty, and a huge heart.

Male - 40s
A Russian mobster. Boris might have trouble with the English language sometimes, but he makes up for any confusion with his fists. He loves Vodka, country music, and breaking people’s legs.

Female - 20s
A small time crook who never made it out of her hometown. Her schemes are not as creative as they once were when DJ was her leader.

Male - Late teens
Bea’s younger brother and criminal sidekick to Bessie – who he’s head over heels in love with.

Brenda - Any age
The loveable and wildly enthusiastic announcer of the Messina County Dixie Derby.

Official - Any age
Along with Brenda, the Official is the other half of the crew for the Messina County Fair Dixie Derby.

Band Leader - Any age
Always seems to be singing a song that has something to do with what’s happening at the Fair. And their band’s really good.

NEO Execs - 20s-50s
Business people from the big city. They want to buy the land that the Fair sits on and develop it. They travel in packs and are always eating something deep fried.

Softball Girls
Female - 15-18
Known simply by their uniform numbers, the Softball Girls will do whatever it takes to make Coach’s team. They are her henchmen, her gossip getters, and her workhorses.

Fair Security Officers - 30s-50s
They carry a taser by day and a red solo cup by night. They work hard and party harder.


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Piano/Conductor, Bass, Drums, Fiddle, Guitar 1, Guitar 2

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Written by
Taylor Ferrera

Written by
Matt Webster

Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations by
David Austin

Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations by
David Abbinanti