Cruel Intentions: The ’90s Musical

Rulers of their elite Manhattan prep school, Sebastian and Kathryn have placed a mischievous bet: Can Sebastian successfully deflower the innocent Annette Hargrove, the headmaster’s daughter? As their vengeful crusade wreaks havoc on the students at Manchester Prep, the two devilish step-siblings become entangled in their own web of deception and unexpected romance in this raucous jukebox throwback.

5M, 5F + Ensemble


4 Musicians



Sebastian Valmont
Manchester Prep Student

Kathryn Merteuil
Manchester Prep Student

Annette Hargrove
Manchester Prep Student

Cecile Caldwell

Marci Greenbaum
Manchester Prep Student/Ensemble Member

Blaine Tuttle

Court Reynolds
Manchester Prep Student/Ensemble Member

Greg McConnell
Manchester Prep Student/Ensemble Member

Football Player
Manchester Prep Student/Ensemble Member

Dr. Greenbaum
Manchester Prep Student/Ensemble Member


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Created by
Jordan Ross

Created by
Lindsey Rosin

Created by
Roger Kumble

Based on the film by
Roger Kumble