Jordan Ross

JORDAN ROSS SCHINDLER is a writer/producer from the Philly suburbs who is unapologetically stuck in The WB-era of television and proud of it. He got his start in musical theatre in 2015 as the co-creator of CRUEL INTENTIONS: THE ʻ90S MUSICAL. Since then, Cruel has played Off-Broadway, recorded an original cast album, toured nationally, and its first UK company won BroadwayWorldʼs Best Musical Production at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. After co-writing NBCʼs 2016 Cruel Intentions sequel pilot, which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jordan joined the writersʼ room for the final season of Eʼs The Royals. Currently, heʼs developing a dramedy pilot for MGM Television and is a co-producer on Netflix’s upcoming teen drama
My Life with the Walter Boys