Chaplin is based on the real-life story of Charlie Chaplin, the iconic film actor, writer, producer and director. The new musical spans the comic’s entire career, from Chaplin’s first performance as a child in 19th-century London to his tearful acceptance of an honorary Academy Award in 1972. The show documents the beloved actor’s rise to fame and the people who shaped his life, including his mother Hannah, his older brother Sydney, his fourth wife Oona O’Neill and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. The musical dramatizes the making of Chaplin’s legendary films, including The Kid, The Circus, Modern Times and The Great Dictator as well as his turbulent childhood, frenzied love life and political beliefs. Featuring an original score by Christopher Curtis, including “Look at All the People,” “Just Another Day in Hollywood” and “This Man,” Chaplin tells the touching story of the man who makes the world laugh as his legendary screen persona, the Tramp, but struggles to find happiness in his own life.

5F, 6M + Ensemble
2 hours 15 minutes



Chris Curtis

Chris Curtis

Music and Lyrics, Book Chris Curtis is a contemporary composer/ lyricist from New York City. He wrote songs for the Oscar® Nominated Netflix/Pearl Studio animated feature Over The Moon directed by Oscar®-winning Disney Animator...

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Thomas Meehan

Thomas Meehan

Book Thomas Meehan was an American playwright. He was best known for writing the books for the musicals Annie, The Producers, and Hairspray. Meehan also wrote the books for the musicals...

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15 Musicians

Keyboard I/Conductor
Keyboard II
Reed 1
Reed 2
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
Violin 1
Violin 2
Violin 3
(10 musician version also available)


Charlie Chaplin
After surviving a poverty-stricken and difficult childhood he turned luck into skill and skill into unprecedented opportunity and success. He ages from late teens to late 40’s as he displays unmatched talent on the vaudeville stage, in Keystone pictures and as producer, director and star of his own film studio.

Hannah Chaplin
Charlie’s mother. She is the source of his first inspiration as well as his greatest humiliation.

Young Charlie
He sings, dances and suffers great sorrow when he returns to his mother after getting out of the County Home to find she no longer recognizes him. He later plays Jackie Coogan, the famous child actor who co-starred in “The Kid” with Chaplin and the Usher.

Sydney Chaplin
Charlie’s brother, performing partner, and business manager. He sticks by Charlie through thick and thin, through marriages and women far too young and through political upheavals and exile.

Alf Reeves
Clever, intuitive, fields phone calls and starlet requests brilliantly - and knows Charlie sometimes better than Chaplin knows himself.

Mack Sennett
The master of his Keystone universe; the rather arrogant yet perfectly knowledgeable creator of a factory of short, slapstick films.

Hedda Hopper
A mediocre actress - turned notorious gossip columnist who has made it her personal mission to expose Charlie as a womanizing, cheating, communist foreigner who is making too much money on American shores.

Oona O’Neill
Wannabe actress who meets Charlie when she turns up late for an audition. Shortly thereafter, she gives up her aspirations for a career in Hollywood and becomes the first woman to appreciate Charlie for who and not what he is.

Mr. Karno


Mildred Harris

Joan Barry

Londoners, Music Hall Patrons, Film Crew, Starlets, Reports, Hollywood Elite

Cast Vocal Ranges

Production Materials

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21 Cast Script/Vocal Books

A combination of the show’s full script and the full vocal book. All dialogue within each song is printed in the score to prevent flipping back and forth during rehearsals. All books are spiral-bound and double-sided.

2 Director’s Scripts

A single-sided, spiral-bound script designed with plenty of space for the director to take notes and add blocking during the rehearsal process.

1 Stage Manager’s Script

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2 Piano/Conductor Scores

A keyboard score that is a key part of the show’s actual orchestration. This score contains both vocal parts and a cue staff, which guides the conductor through the full orchestration by informing them when instruments enter the song, as well as providing specific part lines when necessary.


Keyboard I/Conductor, Keyboard II, Reed 1, Reed 2, Horn, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Trombone, Violin 1, Violin 2, Violin 3, Viola, Cello, Bass, Drums/Percussion

ORCHESTRATION NOTE: Chaplin: The Musical may be performed with a 10-piece instrumentation by omitting the Trumpet 2, Trombone, Viola, Violin 2, and Violin 3 books.

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Additional Books

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Full Conductor Score

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Music and Lyrics by
Chris Curtis

Book by
Chris Curtis & Thomas Meehan

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