Motherhood The Musical

Motherhood The Musical Now Available for Licensing!

Motherhood is a slick, polished work that embraces genuine sentiment without becoming manipulatively sentimental.  It disguises itself as nothing more than an entertaining evening of chuckles and tears.  But without overreaching…plugs into the universality of human experience.”  – Bill Hirschman, Variety

Having a baby is just the beginning…motherhood is for life. Motherhood the Musical is a funny, yet loving look at being a mom at any age. It’s climbing the emotional mountain only to find that there’s laundry at the top. It’s discovering how powerful your love can be and how quickly they grow up. It’s helping them find their way and not losing yours. It’s about laughing and crying, craziness and calm, smiles and tears . . . and all before breakfast.



Cast Size: 4 women
Run Time: 90 minutes – no intermission
Audience Age: 12 and up
Orchestra: Piano, Bass and Drums

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