Starting your theatre streaming journey

Streaming is the future of theatre. Haven’t streamed yet? Feel intimidated by all the tech and fees? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

We’re partnering with Stellar Tickets to make streaming easy, affordable, and fun for all theatres.

What is Stellar Tickets?

Stellar is the new home for Broadway on Demand and ShowShare, two streaming products delivered to you by Broadway Licensing.

The services you know and love now live in a more affordable, easier-to-use platform. We’re ready to make recording, streaming, and hosting your show more seamless than ever.

Any show you license through Broadway Licensing and its imprints requires a Live/Video Archival License to record or stream your show for any purpose. Recording or streaming your show without a license to do so is a violation of copyright law, and our playwrights take that very seriously.

Please protect your program by ensuring you have a Live/Video Archival License!

What is a Live/Video Archival License and what does it entail?

A license cost that gives you the choice to stream — it pays for the permission and rights to stream. This is a license, not a fee.

What if I purchased my license in 2021? What happens to my upfront fees?

If you processed and paid for your order, you will receive a refund through Broadway Licensing. Please contact your licensing representative. If for some reason you have not purchased a Live/Video Archival License but you paid your upfront fees, we can transfer that payment to your Live/Video Archival license.

Why should I stream my show?

Streaming gives your cast, crew, and loved ones an opportunity to watch your production. Streaming also provides your program with a handful of benefits you otherwise wouldn’t see.

  1. Streaming is a new revenue source for your theatre! Sell tickets to grandma who lives across the country so she can see her grandson in his first starring role without having to travel 2,000 miles
  2. Streaming provides access to people who otherwise would not be able to attend your production. Now they have the opportunity to watch your show on their own terms.
  3. Streaming is easier than ever! Our platforms are easy to understand and learn so anyone, whether you’re an experienced streamer or not, will be able to stream your production. And our team will be there to guide you along the way.

Here are the different ways you can stream:

  1. “Live” livestream — your show is happening and you are streaming out to audiences at home in real time. This includes chat functionality and live reactions
  2. Pre-recorded livestream — capture your show and then take time to edit the video asset but schedule it as though it is a livestream — “Tune in on Friday at 8 to watch”
  3. Video on demand — capture your show, edit it, and then offer it for a week, a weekend, a month to give folks a wider viewing period

With Stellar, you can combo any and all these options together — ie a true live livestream with VOD after the fact. But of course, consult your license.

What does streaming cost?

Our new streaming costs have eliminated many of the technology and ticketing fees that have proved to be an obstacle in the past.

More power. For a lot less $.

When licensing and streaming a production, an org should budget for two areas. The first is your license. You should also plan for your post-production fees such as the percentage of ticket sales.

Before, ShowShare organizations who streamed always paid an up-front technology fee when licensing a show. That fee often ranged from $125 and up.

ShowShare producers also paid service fees on each ticket. What we found is that a majority of schools were paying more upfront than they were making at the box office. They were losing money, so we eliminated the upfront ShowShare fees to fix that.

Now, you pay for your streaming license ahead of your production and then pay out royalties after your production based on your box office.

We’ve removed the waiting period for your payout. We’ve also eliminated the up-front Tech Fee + per ticket Service Fees, so that, now, the customer is not paying anything upfront — it is only a box office share. So you pay a first initial cost and then afterward, pay a per-ticket royalty structure.

Some schools were losing money on ShowShare before the arrangement. Up-front costs were often more than what they earned at the box office. Now they lose nothing upfront — they only earn!

You function as the merchant — we use Stripe, but if your district doesn’t allow it, you have the option to sell off the platform. You can also pass on fees to your ticket buyers to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

How do I use Stellar?

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar with Stellar here.

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