The Ultimate Theatre Teacher Resource Guide

As a theatre teacher, the journey to inspire and educate your students is both thrilling and challenging. Fortunately, the world of theatre education is rich with resources to help you navigate the intricacies of the craft and find inspiration to keep your lessons fresh and engaging. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of valuable resources that cater to the needs of theatre teachers, providing support, inspiration, and practical tools for your teaching arsenal.

1. Educational Websites and Blogs:

The Scene
The Scene is a free weekly newsletter published every Saturday morning. It ensures that theatre teachers can start their weekend with a comprehensive update on the latest happenings in the theatre industry. The Scene also has a premium subscription. For only $1.99 a month, you will receive exclusive access to Broadway On Demand Master Classes, a database of hundreds of resources, production templates, and more!

EdTA – Educational Theatre Association
Educational Theatre Association is the largest professional organization in the field of theatre education. EdTA’s website offers a plethora of resources, including lesson plans, webinars, and articles, fostering a supportive community for theatre teachers.

Theatrefolk provides a wide range of plays, resources, and curriculum materials tailored for theatre educators. Their blog is a treasure trove of ideas and insights that help drama teachers create meaningful and engaging experiences for their students.

2. Professional Organizations

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
While primarily focused on music education, NAfME offers valuable insights and resources for performing arts teachers, including theatre.

American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE)
AATE is dedicated to promoting standards in theatre education, offering conferences, publications, and networking opportunities for theatre teachers.

International Thespian Society (ITS)
A branch of the Educational Theatre Association, ITS provides resources, conferences, and a network of like-minded theatre educators.

3. Online Communities

What is a better way to get information or advice than from the knowledge of other theatre teachers?

Facebook Groups for Theatre Teachers
There are plenty of groups that will allow you to connect with fellow educators, share ideas, seek advice, and stay updated on the latest trends in theatre education.

Teachers Pay Teachers – Drama and Theatre Resources
Teachers Pay Teachers is the world’s most popular online marketplace for original educational resources with more than four million resources available for use today. Explore the theatre teacher’s marketplace where educators share and sell their lesson plans, activities, and resources. It’s a great place to find unique and creative materials.

4. Conferences and Workshops

EdTA National Conference
An annual event that brings together theatre educators, offering workshops, performances, and networking opportunities to enhance your teaching skills.

AATE National Conference
AATE’s conference provides a platform for theatre educators to engage with experts, attend workshops, and stay updated on the latest developments in the field.

Broadway Teachers Workshop
Broadway Teachers Workshop is an annual conference designed to inspire teachers and directors with new teaching methods, enhanced production skills, and an exchange of ideas with peers and professional Broadway artists behind the scenes on Broadway in New York City. Teachers who participate in BTW will see four Broadway shows over three days and will have their choice of 18 workshops and master classes with theatre professionals.

Being a theatre teacher is a rewarding yet demanding role. By tapping into these resources, you can enhance your teaching skills, discover fresh perspectives, and find the inspiration you need to create memorable experiences for your students. No matter if you’re a seasoned educator or just starting your journey, these resources will empower you to continue shaping the next generation of theatre enthusiasts!

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