Broadway Licensing Global Takes a Stand Against Book and Theatre Censorship

In a world suddenly grappling anew with issues of censorship, the importance of preserving our right to read, write, and perform freely cannot be overstated. The access to theatre and the fight against book banning are interconnected in the broader struggle to protect and uphold our fundamental freedoms of expression and intellectual exploration. 

Theatre has always served as a powerful tool for storytelling, self-expression, and empathy. It is a platform that theatremakers use to connect with audiences just as authors use their writings to connect with readers on a profound level. Its stories challenge our beliefs and prompt us to question the world around us.  

By banning books and censoring theatre, we stifle not only our creativity but limit the intellectual and emotional growth of society. This act fundamentally infringes upon our right to freedom of expression, a cornerstone of any thriving democratic society. We must remain vigilant against these threats to our creative and intellectual freedom. 

Interested in making an impact in your community and taking the fight against censorship?  

  • Get involved in organizations that champion freedom of expression and share your passions while encouraging others to do the same.  
  • Stay up to date on your local government’s proposed bans on books and other forms of art. 
  • Engage in discussions and debates to raise awareness. Lastly, support your local theatre, community libraries, and local bookshops. These institutions often face censorship challenges and your support will make a difference. 

Broadway Licensing Global recognizes the importance of free artistic expression and is committed to ensuring that the arts remain a space for voices that challenge, inspire, and unite us. Broadway Licensing Global actively supports efforts to reduce book and theatre banning by promoting diverse, thought-provoking, and relevant content. By providing access to impactful works and fostering creativity, we strive to contribute to a society where art thrives, and freedom of expression is celebrated. 

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