1. Which websites can I use to stream my production?

Currently, the only approved platform to stream Broadway Licensing shows is ShowShare by Broadway on Demand.

However, ShowShare can connect with platforms such as Zoom and StreamYard.

For more information, click HERE.

2. What is ShowShare?

ShowShare is a streaming platform offered by Broadway On Demand. Utilizing top of the line security features, ShowShare provides high quality streaming for amateur and professional productions. For more information click HERE.

3. How do I order ShowShare?

When you are submitting your licensing request for a show with streaming rights available, answer the questions in the Streaming Rights portion of the application and select Streaming (with ShowShare) in the Production Resources section.
Your licensing rep may reach out to you with further questions regarding your streaming plans.

4. Which shows have streaming rights available?

For the current list of shows with streaming rights available, click HERE.

This list is being updated regularly, so check back for added titles.

5. What do I do if I want to stream a show and it is not listed as having the streaming rights available?

If you want to stream show that is not listed as having streaming rights available, please feel free to reach out to your licensing representative or email us at [email protected] with your request. Please be as detailed as possible regarding your streaming plans as we will be checking with the rights-holders. 

As soon as we have additional information, we will let you know.

6. How much does ShowShare cost?

For Schools:
The ShowShare fee for musicals is $349 and it includes the archival video rights.

The ShowShare fee for Clue: On Stage and Clue: On Stage (High School Edition) is $189 and it includes the archival video rights.

For Non-Professional Theatres:
The ShowShare fee for musicals is $349. The ShowShare fee for Clue: On Stage and Clue: On Stage (High School Edition) is $299. Please note that these fees DO NOT include the cost of an archival video license, which requires a separate fee should you choose to purchase one.

For Professional Theatres:

Prices vary depending on your production plans. Please speak with your professional licensing representative for more details.

7. What do I get when I purchase ShowShare?

When you purchase ShowShare with a Broadway Licensing title you get a streaming licensing rider, which gives you the rights to stream your production and you get the platform to stream your production.

For schools, you also receive the archival video license which allows you to keep a recording for archival purposes.

8. If I purchase ShowShare do I still have to license the performance rights?

Yes. You will need to license as many performances as you plan to stream and pay the applicable royalty fees for those performances.

9. Can I sell tickets using ShowShare?

Yes. ShowShare is pay-per-view streaming so you will absolutely be able to sell tickets to your audience. 

10. How much are the ticket/pay-per-view prices?

You determine your own base ticket fees. ShowShare then adds standard ticketing fees. Please see the ticketing fee chart below:

You determine your own base ticket fees. ShowShare then adds a standard Ticket Processing Charge which is passed on to your patron with their purchase. Please see the ticketing fee chart below:

  Ticket Price Ticket Processing Charge
(charged to patrons at purchase)
Selling Tickets On BOD    
  $0-9.99 $2.95
All Groups $10-24.99 $3.95
  $25+ $4.95
Selling Tickets with Own Box
Office or Ticketing Partner
Schools $0+ $2.00
Community Theatres $0+ $3.00
Professional Theatres $0+ $3.00

11. Can I sell my pay-per-view tickets through another ticketing partner?

You may sell tickets through a different third-party ticketing platform. However, you will be responsible for a per-stream fee of $2 for schools and $3 for theatres, which would be paid directly to Broadway On Demand. Please see the chart above.

12. What technology do my viewers need in order to view my streamed production?

You can access BOD anywhere!

On your computer or mobile device, we recommend Google Chrome as your web browser for optimal streaming.

From your tablet or smartphone, download our free app on Apple Store and Google Play (Android).

Find the BOD App on your AppleTV, Roku, and in the future on Amazon Fire TV too! Airplay and Chromecast feature supported.

ShowShare can be viewed on Broadway on Demand using desktop or laptop computers, iPhone or iPad, Apple TV, or a Roku player.

Android, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV are forthcoming.

13. I have many more questions. Where can I get answers?

Streaming theatre is new and we understand you may have more questions. More information can be found on Broadway On Demand HERE or by contacting [email protected].