Diary of a Wimpy Kid

There is a shorter, 60-Minute Edition also available for licensing.

Middle school, ugh. It’s the worst. But Greg is determined not to be at the bottom of the popularity chart. He’ll leave that to his weird neighbor, Fregley. Or maybe Greg’s best friend, Rowley Jefferson. But it’s not going to be Greg…no way.

Jeff Kinney’s popular character takes center stage as Greg’s cartoon diary becomes a hilarious and heartfelt musical. Will Greg’s plans to become popular lead him to sacrifice his one true friend? Can anyone avoid the dreaded Cheese Touch? Grab a hall pass and don’t be late for an adventure familiar to anyone who actually survived middle school.

9F, 14M + Ensemble
2 hours


Kevin Del Aguila

Kevin Del Aguila

Book Kevin Del Aguila is an Emmy-winning writer and Broadway performer. He is the bookwriter of the Off-Broadway musical hit Altar Boyz (New York Outer Critics Circle Award, Best Off-Broadway Musical)...

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Michael Mahler

Michael Mahler

Music and Lyrics Michael Mahler and Alan Schmuckler are a songwriting team whose experience includes The Secret of My Success (NBC/Universal); musical TV pilot Boyfred (ABC/Sony/Shoe Money Productions);...

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Alan Schmuckler

Alan Schmuckler

Music and Lyrics Alan Schmuckler and Michael Mahler are a songwriting team whose experience includes The Secret of My Success (NBC/Universal); musical TV pilot Boyfred (ABC/Sony/Shoe Money Productions); animated...

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"It's a buoyant and kind show... The script is funny, the pop-meets-Broadway songs are bouncy and clever "

Star Tribune

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid bounces onto the stage with confidence, energy and goodwill to spare... I don't think it's a stretch to say this show has charisma... It is a huge amount of fun."

Talkin' Broadway


5 Musicians

Keyboard 2


Male - 11
11 year-old, first year middle-schooler, driven with a burning desire to achieve popularity and acclaim at any and all costs. Equal parts cocky and insecure, Greg’s single-focus on popularity often makes him short-sighted and immature, almost costing him his closest friendship. Strong, comedic young performer with a powerful, unchanged singing voice.

Male - 11
11 year-old, first year middle-schooler, with a determinedly sunny disposition and über positive outlook on life. Almost blindly devoted to Greg, but ultimately capable of standing up for himself. Strong, comedic young performer with a powerful, unchanged singing voice.

Male - 16
Sullen, sarcastic 16 year-old, older brother of Greg, and his main tormentor. Brash and obnoxious, Rodrick is the front-man of the heavy-metal, garage band; Löded Diper and delights in torturing Greg and taxing their parents goodwill. Strong, comedic young performer with a powerful, singing voice.

Greg’s put-upon father, who possesses an interest in U.S. history and a deep distrust of teenagers. Uncomfortable speaking with tweens, Frank is always trying to toughen Greg up and get him to “go be active,” perhaps in an effort to keep his son from following in his own wimpy footsteps. Strong, comedic performer and singer.

Greg’s chipper, loving, and overly-supportive mother, Susan is a former Pre-school teacher who is constantly looking for “teachable moments” with her boys. Though she always sees the best in her kids (sometimes blinding her to reality), she is also quick to become the household disciplinarian when necessary. Strong, comedic performer and singer.

All Genders
Impossibly adorable and spoiled baby brother of Greg and Rodrick. Manny enjoys exalted status as his parents dote on him and make constant excuses for his behavior. Strong comedic young performer of any gender, to portray a toddler.

Greg’s quick-witted and wily classmate, who is enthusiastically engaged in a years-long prank-battle with Greg. Strong, comedic young performer with a powerful unchanged singing voice.

Ambitious, driven, and overachieving classmate of Greg. Always out to best him at every turn since he poured glitter-glue down her back in second grade, Patty sees success as the only destination. Strong, comedic young performer with a powerful singing voice.

Greg’s deeply odd-ball classmate, who is sensitive to sugar and unapologetically interested in his own boogers. Strong, comedic young performer with a powerful, unchanged singing voice.

Dreamboat classmate of Greg’s, who enjoys unfettered adoration and popularity. Infamous for his cutting remarks and cute-butt status, Bryce has hit his growth-spurt early and presents as more mature than many of his peers. Strong, comedic young performer and singer.

European teen pop star and Rowley’s idol. A cross between a boy-band star and KidsBop performer, Joshie is obviously manufactured to make responsibility sound cool to 6-8 year old girls. His motto: follow your dreams and respect your parents! Strong, comedic young performer and singer with pop chops.

Two of the most unpopular and nerdy kids in Middle School. Strong, comedic young performer and singers.

Patty Farrell’s minions. They like what she likes and dislike whatever she dislikes – aka Greg. They are perfect in every way, but always look up to Patty. Strong, comedic young performer and singers.

A ‘Wednesday Addams’-lite, goth-in-training middle schooler. Claire is the keeper of the lore of the Cheese Touch and takes it upon herself to make sure nobody starts the dreaded curse again. Strong, comedic young performer and singer.

CHARACTER MAN - MALE IDENTIFYING, ANY ETHNICITY Plays: MR. WINSKY Faculty advisor of the school’s ‘Safety Patrol.’ He takes his job super seriously, as though he’s head of the FBI or Special Ops. BILL WALTER 35 year-old, unemployed rocker dude who still lives with his folks and plays in Rodrick’s high school band, Löded Diper. Strong, comedic performer and singer.

CHARACTER WOMAN - FEMALE IDENTIFYING, ANY ETHNICITY Plays: MRS. CLAYTON Greg’s no-nonsense English teacher. Loves to host the Winter Talent Show every year. FREGLEY’S MOM A creepy, frail, and occasionally terrifying elderly woman. She could be a ghost. Strong, comedic performer and singer.

Production Materials

Included in your license are the following cast and crew scripts. These materials will be shipped upon receipt of payment if your license request is approved.

22 Cast Script/Vocal Books

A combination of the show’s full script and the full vocal book. All dialogue within each song is printed in the score to prevent flipping back and forth during rehearsals. All books are spiral-bound and double-sided.

2 Director’s Scripts

A single-sided, spiral-bound script designed with plenty of space for the director to take notes and add blocking during the rehearsal process.

1 Stage Manager’s Script

A single-sided, three-hole punched script that can be inserted into your three-ring binder.

2 Piano/Conductor Scores

A keyboard score that is a key part of the show’s actual orchestration. This score contains both vocal parts and a cue staff, which guides the conductor through the full orchestration by informing them when instruments enter the song, as well as providing specific part lines when necessary.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Logo Pack

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Promotion Kit & Social Media Guide

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Production Resources

Stage Tracks / Show Ready

These high quality performance and rehearsal tracks will greatly enhance your production.


Show Ready

This rehearsal tool allows you to play a customizable rehearsal track of your show, complete with individual vocal parts.


Additional Books

Additional books (Cast Script/Vocal, Piano/Conductor, etc.) are available.

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Broadway Plus

A workshop experience in which a Broadway artist speaks and works with students in an educational setting through our partnership with Broadway Plus.

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Based on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Series by Jeff Kinney and the 20th Century Fox Films.

Also Available

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (60-Minute Edition)