Summer of Love

This hippie, trippy musical from Wonderettes creator Roger Bean features the powerful music of the late 1960s. When a conservative runaway bride discovers the countercultural revolution of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, the hippies and dropouts of Golden Gate Park teach her to live, live, live! With such hits as “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” “War,” “One Tin Soldier,” “Piece of My Heart,” “Spinning Wheel,” and, of course, “San Francisco,” you’ll love this flower-power, feel-good musical experience.

6W, 6M, Ensemble
2 hours


Roger Bean

Roger Bean

Creator Roger Bean created the long-running hit The Marvelous Wonderettes (over 1,200...

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"Pure perfection! Foot stomping standing-ovations!"

"Summer of Love has a dynamite ensemble that moves and grooves."

"Critic’s Pick!"


8 Musicians

Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2


Female - Early 20s
A runaway bride. Sweet, innocent, thirsty for knowledge and understanding. She is wide-eyed and loving beyond her years. Act I is Holly’s journey to discover her future.

Handsome, square, conservative. Jilted at the altar by Holly, follows her to the Haight-Ashbury to take her back to where she belongs. Act II becomes Curtis’ journey to discover truth and the consequences that come with all actions.

Male - Late 20s-30s
The leader of the tribe. Charming, knowing, sexy, sharing. Usually "live and let live," confronts Curtis to protect both Holly and his tribe. Saige is his common-law wife, yet also in a relationship with Daisy.

Female - 50s/60s
Came to the park to find peace after her son died in early involvement in Vietnam. She is the matriarch of the group, a hippy sort of den mother. Teaches Curtis how to find the path to enlightenment.

Male - 20s
Runaway from Salt Lake City, a former Mormon who came to San Francisco to escape his upbringing and explore his newfound sexual freedom. Boyfriend of Donovan.

Female - 30s
African-American. Full of heart. Welcomes Holly into their group with open arms. Her sweet spirit covers the internal pain she carries deep inside from sharing River with Daisy.

Male - Late 20s
African-American. War vet, now opposed to the escalation in Vietnam. Angry, resentful, yet loving to those upon whom he depends.

Female - 20s-30s
Slightly vacant and full of life, Janis is the storyteller and poet of the group. Along with Daisy, a member of a mime troupe called “Our Lady of Theatrical Mercy.”

Male - 20s
Sweet, loving boyfriend of Coyote. Came to the city to be an artist. A true flower child, he hasn’t a bad word or thought for anyone. Would share with and care for the entire world if he could.

Female - 20s
Her name says it all— lithe, willowy and always slightly stoned. The more hair, the better. Incredibly tight with Dizzy, her main squeeze. She watches out for herself and Dizzy.

Male - 20s
A real scamp, always looking for a quick way to achieve his goals, resorts to theft on occasion. Also always slightly stoned, Dizzy is the tribe’s main procurer of all things both mellow and psychedelic.

Female - 20s
Asian-American. River’s young girlfriend, has taken a vow of silence against the war. Dances and interprets Janice’s storytelling for crowds to raise bread when needed for the group. Speaks and sings only during the finale.

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Keyboard 1, Keyboard 2, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Reed, Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2

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