Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult

Book and Lyrics By Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty novels, including #1 New York Times best sellers The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister’s...

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Jake van Leer

Jake van Leer

Book By Jake van Leer is one of the founding members of the Trumbull Hall Troupe. As the Troupe’s business manager, he has raised over $40,000 for charity; he has also performed in every show. Mr. van Leer...

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Ellen Wilber

Ellen Wilber

Music and Lyrics By Ellen Wilber is a teacher and musician with more than twenty-five years of experience introducing children to music. She is a member of the Cardigan Mountain Tradition, a bluegrass band, and the founder of a...

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"...the authors pepper the script with snappy one-liners and pop-culture references... The play is fast paced and full of fun, with the overlying theme of staying true to oneself handled with a light touch."

Kirkus Reviews


3 Musicians

Piano, Banjo, Bass, Drums


Hairy Godmother
A hairy, masuline godmother; narrator.

Johnny Nova
Radio show host.

A star and friend to Luna.

A star and friend to Luna.

The Moon; disguised as a boy named Leo when in Hanoveria in love with Prince Jack

Newspaper salesman in the town.



Flower Lady

Queen of Hanoveria, sister of Hugo.

Princess of Hanoveria, daughter of Ferocia.

Princess of Hanoveria, daughter of Ferocia.

A young lady of noble birth who is a bit of a tomboy; smitten with Leo.

Prince Jack
Prince of Hanoveria, nephew of Ferocia and son of Hugo; in love with Felicity.

Mama Bear
Lives with Papa Bear, Baby Bear, Jean-Claude, and Hugo.

Papa Bear

Baby Bear

Servant to Hugo that was cast out of Hanoveria.

King of Hanoveria, cast out after Ferocia's spell turned him into a giant.

A wooden pupper, servant to Ferocia.

A princess married to Prince Charming.

Son of Snow White.

Daughter of Snow White.

Snow White
A princess married to a different Prince Charming.

Sleeping Beauty
A princess with narcolepsy, married to a prince.

Tree 1-4
Talking trees in the Enchanted Forest.

Humpty Dumpty
A big egg traveling in the country on a Harley.

Wolves of Hanoveria that attack Felicity.

Li'l Red from the Hood
Young hip-hop girl interested in Jack.

Young girl with blond hair interested in Jack.

Old Woman in a Show
Older woman interested in Jack.

One of the three pigs and a construction worker.

One of three pigs and a construction worker.

Francis Bacon
One of three pigs and a construction worker.

Wolf who is foreman of a construction company.

A girl who escapes from her tower.

Prince Sheldon
Prince who was supposed to rescue Rapunzel from her tower.

One of three blind mice.

One of three blind mice.

One of three blind mice.

Production Materials

Included in your license are the following cast and crew scripts. These materials will be shipped upon receipt of payment if your license request is approved.

30 Cast Script/Vocal Books

A combination of the show’s full script and the full vocal book. All dialogue within each song is printed in the score to prevent flipping back and forth during rehearsals. All books are spiral-bound and double-sided.

2 Director’s Scripts

A single-sided, spiral-bound script designed with plenty of space for the director to take notes and add blocking during the rehearsal process.

1 Stage Manager’s Script

A single-sided, three-hole punched script that can be inserted into your three-ring binder.

2 Piano/Conductor Scores

A keyboard score that is a key part of the show’s actual orchestration. This score contains both vocal parts and a cue staff, which guides the conductor through the full orchestration by informing them when instruments enter the song, as well as providing specific part lines when necessary.


Piano, Banjo (doubled by PC), Bass (double Guitar), Drums

Production Resources

Additional Books

Additional books (Cast Script/Vocal, Piano/Conductor, etc.) are available.

$25 each

Digital Orchestration Parts

Prefer playing or rehearsing from your tablet? All of our orchestration scores (including PC and PV) are available in digital copies.

Digital PC or PV $50
Full Digital Orchestration Set $150

Broadway Plus

A workshop experience in which a Broadway artist speaks and works with students in an educational setting through our partnership with Broadway Plus.

Prices Vary by Product