Saturday Night Fever

In this beloved ’70s throwback, Tony Manero, a nineteen-year-old Brooklynite paint store clerk, spends his weekends at a local disco, where he moonlights as the king of the dance floor. When he and mesmerizing dancer Stephanie enter a dance competition, the pair’s professional partnership blossoms into a deep friendship, and challenges both to reflect on what’s important in life amidst rising social tensions and disillusionment. Featuring the timeless hits of the Bee Gees and classic disco tracks, this reimagined version of Saturday Night Fever transports you back to the era of disco balls, platform boots, and white suits. Burn, baby, burn!

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6F, 7M, 1 Any + Ensemble
2 hours 15 minutes



Nik Cohn

Nik Cohn

Story Nik Cohn is an Irish writer, the father of rock writing and an epic chronicler of street culture over fifty years. Born in 1946 to a historian father and a mother who’d escaped the Russian Revolution to become a Dadaist muse, Cohn...

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Robert Stigwood

Robert Stigwood

Adaptation Manager/producer Robert Stigwood leveraged his involvement with key British pop and rock stars of the ’60s into a series of music-oriented movies in the ’70s. At his height, his projects achieved a synergy in which...

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Bill Oaks

Bill Oaks

Adaptation A native of Nottingham,...

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Sean Cercone

Sean Cercone

North American Adaptation Cercone served as Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice President of Professional and International Licensing for Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW). Since 2011, Cercone helped build TRW through the acquisition of marquee Broadway...

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David Abbinanti

David Abbinanti

North American Adaptation David Abbinanti is a national award-winning composer, songwriter and orchestrator. Credits include Elvis: The Musical (Book co-written with Sean Cercone, Orchestrations, Arrangements and Additional Music...

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"The musical successfully recreates the feel of the movie and manages to capture its spirit. It dazzles with ... crowd-pleasing 70s anthems."

Asia 361

"The result is a tremendously entertaining show paying due fidelity to its source, both in content and attitude ... Saturday Night Fever feels the heat and sets pulses racing."

The Arts Desk


10 Musicians

Piano/Conductor (Keyboard 1)
Keyboard 2


Tony Manero
Male - 19
Handsome, charismatic Brooklyn Italian. Ringleader of his gang of friends, The Faces. Tough guy exterior with vulnerability underneath – a “thinker,” not a “talker.” He comes alive whenever he dances. (Range: A2-G4)

Male - 19
One of the Faces. Genuine and less self-assured than the other guys. He breaks up with his high school girlfriend, Pauline at their urging, and continuously struggles with doing the right thing. Strong singer/actor who can move, Brooklyn accent. (Range: C3-A4

Male - 19
One of the Faces. A follower. Not afraid to lie to cover his own ass. Strong singer who can move, Brooklyn accent. (Range: E3-F#4)

Male - 19
One of the Faces. A charming and funny jokester and a real bruiser. Physically the toughest of the gang. Strong singer/actor with great comedic timing, who can move, Brooklyn accent. (Range: C3-F#4)

Male - 19
One of the Faces. A real “wise-guy” with possible connections. Strong singer/actor who can move, Brooklyn accent. (Range: E3-A4)

Monty - Any Age
The MC, DJ, and gatekeeper of 2001. Good-looking and charismatic with a big personality. After Tony, the coolest person in town. Strong singer who can move. (Range: B2-G4)

Frank Manero
Male - 40s - 50s
Tony’s father. An out of work construction worker who feels like the world has turned its back on him. Brooklyn accent.

Flo Manero
Female - 40s - 50s
Tony’s mother. A devout Catholic, she cares deeply for her family, and especially idolizes her son, Frank Jr. Brooklyn accent.

Frank Jr.
Male - 20s
Tony’s brother who has left the priesthood. Humble and full of good advice. A strong actor with a Brooklyn accent.

Linda Manero
Female - 15-16
Tony’s little sister. Sunny and spunky. Brooklyn accent. Linda could double in the chorus or you could just include her in some chorus numbers at 2001 as if she sneaked in with a fake ID.

Stephanie Mangano
Female - 20
(pronounced with a hard G, as in “mango”) Puts on airs to hide her Brooklyn upbringing, but every now and then a bit of the old neighborhood comes out. She may be pretentious and lack tact at times, but she is still genuinely likeable. Strong singer/actor and dancer, Brooklyn accent. (Range: Bb3-F#5)

Female - 19
Sweet and optimistic ex-girlfriend of Bobby. She is hurt by Bobby’s behavior, but there’s a larger issue that’s concerning her. Strong singer, Brooklyn accent. (Range: G3-E5)

Female - 19
Overeager to please, a “puppy-dog” with an insecure edge. Is incredibly hurt that Tony does not have feelings for her. Strong actor/singer and dancer, Brooklyn accent. (Range: F3-C5)

Female - Any
The resident singer of 2001. Sexy and confident, beloved by everybody. Strong singer/belter. She has a great deal of singing to do. (If a female is cast as MONTY, MONTY and CANDY might share the solos at 2001.) (Range: A4-G5)


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1 Rehearsal Piano Score

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Piano/Conductor (Keyboard 1), Keyboard 2, Reed, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin, Cello

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Saturday Night Fever The Musical
Based on the Paramount/RSO Film and the story by Nik Cohn
Adapted for the stage by Robert Stigwood in collaboration with Bill Oaks

North American version written by Sean Cercone & David Abbinanti

Featuring songs by The Bee Gees

Arrangements and orchestrations by David Abbinanti

Music and Lyrics by Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb
“Stayin’ Alive,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “Night Fever,” “More Than A Woman,” “Jive Talkin’”, “You Should Be Dancing,” “If I Can’t Have You,” “Nights On Broadway”

Music and Lyrics by Barry Gibb and Albhy Galuten
“What Kind Of Fool”

Music by David Shire
“Salsation,” “Night on Disco Mountain”

Music and Lyrics by Ronald Bell / Kool & The Gang
“Open Sesame”

Music and Lyrics by Harry Casey and Richard Finch
“Boogie Shoes”

Music and Lyrics by Leroy Green and Tyrone Kersey
“Disco Inferno”

Adapted by Walter Murphy
“Fifth of Beethoven”

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Saturday Night Fever (High School Edition)