Unlock the Nostalgic Magic: Scripts of These Classic Films Airing on TCM this November

In November, TCM features an array of beloved classic films, often inspiring playwrights for adaptations and later turned into theatrical productions. Here, we’ve compiled a list of TCM movie showtimes and noted where you can access scripts and licenses for play adaptations from both Dramatists Play Service and Playscripts. Let’s explore!

November 2

Pride and Prejudice at 6:00 pm

November 6

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter at 8:00 pm

Wait Until Dark 10:15 pm

November 7

Idiot’s Delight at 11:30 am

November 10

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at 11:30 pm

November 12

Any Wednesday at 6:00 am

November 13

Little Women at 6:00 am

November 19

Strange Interlude at 8:00 am

November 22

The Women at 6:30am

Around the World in 80 Days at 2:00 pm

November 24

On Borrowed Time at 1:45 pm

Wait Until Dark at 8:00 pm

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