New Titles of the Month: June Edition

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Inevitable by Molly Horan

High school junior Tara’s future is bright, and she feels like she is on the right path—though no one seems to want to join the school newspaper that she and her best friend Steph are trying to rebuild. When Kurt shows up one day for a meeting, Tara is unsure whether the guy that everyone whispers about is in it for the paper’s free pizza, or the journalism…or for her? As Tara begins to learn that maybe the rumors about Kurt aren’t really true, a dangerous mix of teenage jealousy and the realities of gun violence in America threatens to derail not only their futures, but an entire community’s perception of trust, responsibility, and safety.

Where We Belong by Madeline Sayet

Madeline Sayet’s one-person play is a celebration of language and investigation into the impulses that divide and connect us as people. The play follows Achokayis as she travels to England to pursue a degree in Shakespeare, grappling with the question of what it means to remain or leave her own home at Mohegan, as the Brexit vote threatens to disengage the United Kingdom from the wider world. Moving between nations that have failed to reckon with their ongoing roles in colonialism, she finds comfort in the journeys of her Mohegan ancestors who traveled to England in the 1700s to help her people. Achokayis’s transformation journey leaves us with the question, what does it mean to belong in an increasingly globalized world?

Tracy Jones by Stephen Kaplan

Tracy Jones has rented out the back “party room” of Jones Street Bar and Grill—the Place for Wings (and Things). Tracy Jones is throwing a party to which she’s invited every woman in the United States who is also named Tracy Jones. Tracy Jones has been sitting for over an hour alone, nursing her Diet Coke, waiting for any other Tracy Joneses to show up. Tracy Jones’s epic loneliness is about to be tested beyond anything she ever imagined.


The Taming by Lauren Gunderson

Tweetering, pandashrews, and undying giddiness for James Madison — what else could you expect to find at a Miss America pageant? In this hilarious, raucous, all-female “power-play” inspired by Shakespeare’s Shrew, contestant Katherine has political aspirations to match her beauty pageant ambitions. All she needs to revolutionize the American government is the help of one ultra-conservative senator’s aide on the cusp of a career breakthrough, and one bleeding-heart liberal blogger who will do anything for her cause. Well, that and a semi-historically-accurate ether trip. Here’s lookin’ at you, America.

Ghetto Klown by John Leguizamo

In a retrospective on his career, John Leguizamo delves into how he started performing, from attending a tiny acting class on the fringes of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen to using his life as inspiration for his own one-man shows. All the success comes with ramifications, though: family, finances, and ego are all hit hard when his career’s trajectory becomes unclear. Ghetto Klown embraces Leguizamo’s trademark honesty and humor, proving the only way through life is forward.


Bliss: Twelve Commissioned Scenes and Monologues by TNB2S+ Artists for TNB2S+ Artists, new works by R. Réal Vargas Alanis, Preston Max Allen, Esperanza Rosales Balcárcel, Shualee Cook, Dante Green, Nazareth Hassan, Dena Igusti, Haruna Lee, L Morgan Lee, Rob Madge, Noax and Kit Yan

Commissioned by the Breaking the Binary Theatre Festival and Broadway Licensing, this collection of scenes and monologues tackle what it means to find, feel, experience, share, bury, and give bliss. Ranging from bitingly satirical to eerily supernatural to beautifully lyrical, this knockout set of stories is fulfilling and thoroughly entertaining for the heart and soul.


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