Beat Bugs

Stageworks Media and Broadway Licensing To Develop New Musical Featuring the Music of The Beatles.

Stageworks Media has secured the rights to develop a new musical adaptation of the Netflix animated TV series Beat Bugs, which is inspired by and includes the music of The Beatles. The musical will be created by Stageworks Media in collaboration with Broadway Licensing and will receive a workshop production in 2018.

The Beat Bugs series centers around five pals who explore the world and learn life lessons with a little help from their friends. The show incorporates numerous songs from the iconic Lennon/McCartney catalogue including Help!All You Need Is Love, Come Together, Penny Lane, Yellow SubmarineLucy In the Sky with DiamondsSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, In My Life, Strawberry Fields Forever and Magical Mystery Tour.

“Creating a Beat Bugs musical using The Beatles’ catalogue, is incredibly cool and tremendously exciting for our company,”said Sean Cercone, President. “It’s heartwarming to watch this show with my kids and experience how these iconic songs can teach such important messages while being highly entertaining.”

David Abbinanti, Broadway Licensing’s Vice President of Music & Creative said “The Beatles’ message of love, peace and friendship is universal and more important than ever.”  He added, “It will be a thrill to see families come together in a live theatrical setting and experience The Beatles’ music in a brand-new way.”

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