Ryan Berman

Ryan Berman is a rising star in the autism community, providing a variety of services, skills and resources to families and children impacted by autism. Working closely with families, he provides comprehensive in-home consultations and individualized treatment plans tailored to each family’s needs and goals. Ryan is a Master Teacher at The Miracle Project and has trained professionals and volunteers on the Seven Keys to Unlock Autism. Ryan applies his training in DIR/Floortime and Facilitated Communication when working with children and teens with autism. He develops curriculum and serves as an Educational Consultant for a private Los Angeles High School for students who type to communicate. Ryan has a special relationship with Vista Del Mars Inspire Program (V.I.P.) in Los Angeles where he serves as an instructor for the renowned Nes Gadol Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program for children and teens with special needs. Ryan also holds a Masters degree in Social Work with a concentration in Children, Youth, Women and Families.


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