Broadway Licensing Global Achieves Green Business Benchmark Gold Status

At Broadway Licensing Global, we prioritize sustainability in the theatre industry. Through eco-conscious practices and innovation, we aim to reduce our environmental impact while still nurturing creativity.

Our Green Team implemented new initiatives across our NYC and London offices, and these changes have earned us Gold Status for 2024 by the Green Business Benchmark.

What Is the BLG Green Team?

The BLG Green Team is a group of BLG team members who are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and committed to the responsible management of resources, ensuring that the magic of theatre remains sustainable for generations to come.

What Have We Done So Far?

  • Achieved Gold Certification through the Green Business Benchmark
  • Partnered with Broadway Green Alliance to help implement environmentally friendlier practices on Broadway and beyond
  • Implemented an office recycling program
  • Reduced the amount of single-use items in the office

Ways You Can Help Make an Impact

  • Opt for recyclable materials when designing your set or costumes
  • Reduce excess by sourcing materials from local and secondhand shops
  • Conserve energy by unplugging electronics when not in use for extended periods
  • Use fans and open windows instead of relying on AC
  • Carpool or utilize public transportation when feasible

With our efforts, we hope to play a vital role in making the theatre industry, as a whole, more environmentally responsible. Together, we can create a sustainable future where the magic of the stage coexists harmoniously with the preservation of our planet.

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