Beat Bugs JV

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Beat Bugs, a new musical adaptation based on the NETFLIX animated series, inspired by music made famous by The Beatles, centers around five pals who explore the world and learn life lessons. Follow Walter, Buzz, Jay, Crick, and Kumi as they go on a mission to save Strawberry Fields! The show incorporates numerous songs from the iconic catalogue including “All You Need Is Love”, “Come Together”, “We Can Work It Out”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds”, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “In My Life”, “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Magical Mystery Tour”.

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60-70 Min



Sean Cercone

Sean Cercone

Author Sean Cercone Prior to launching Broadway Licensing, Cercone served as Chief Business Officer and Senior Vice President of Professional and International Licensing for Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW). Since 2011, Cercone helped...

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David Abbinanti

David Abbinanti

Author David Abbinanti is Vice President of Music & Creative at Broadway Licensing as well as a national award-winning composer, songwriter and orchestrator. Credits include SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER THE MUSICAL (Orchestrations,...

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1 Musician

Digital Performance Tracks or Piano only.


Mr. Sun
The narrator of the story. Mr. Sun welcomes us into the Bugs’ story and lives.

He is a curious Scarab Beetle who loves action and playing his keyboard, which doubles as his skateboard!

He is a thoughtful cricket. Crick is an inventor and talented guitarist.

Kumi, a ladybug, is a problem solver and talented martial artist. She loves helping her friends!

A slug, Walter is the group’s thespian. He loves to sing, dance, act, and going on adventures with his friends.

Our littlest bug, a fruit fly. Buzz is adventurous and excitable!

Mean Mr. Mustard
A stink bug and the “villain” of our story. Mean Mr. Mustard is out to destroy Strawberry Fields.

Mean Mr. Mustard’s assist-ant, Prudence feels overlooked.

Billy Sheers
Billy Shears is the lead singer of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Sgt. Pepper
The leader and producer of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. He helps Walter realize his destiny.

A townsbug.

Postman Bee
A townsbug

Flat Top Bug
A townsbug - referenced in “Come Together”. He sings with the band.

Stage Manager
A townsbug who keeps the Beat Bugs organized as they prep and perform their show.

The Queen-Bee
The Queen of our Bug Town.

Joe Cockeroach
A rockstar bug who comes to perform at the Beat Bugs shows.

Miner Birds
Male & Female
Rough characters in yellow hard hats and neon vests who work for Mean Mr. Mustard.

Sgt. Pepper’s Band
Male & Female
A wild and fun Band that performs in the town square.

Male & Female
Throughout Beat Bugs the Ensemble will play various characters including insects, fireflies, assist-ants, strawberries, grass, birds, etc. If there are a large number of students in ensemble, the director may choose to divide the actors into the various groupings to allow more kids to be part of the show.

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Beat Bugs JV Logo Pack

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Production Resources

Advance Pack

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If you need your full set of production materials prior to the regularly scheduled shipment (see above), you can request additional weeks.

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