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A workshop experience in which a Broadway artist speaks and works with students in an educational setting. Broadway Licensing helps you connect directly with Broadway performers and creatives through our partnership with Broadway Plus. Check out these incredible educational opportunities and book directly on our site during your Broadway Licensing application process.



Virtual & In-Person

There have never been more opportunities for students to connect with industry artists. All of our experiences are available in person and over Zoom at the prices listed. Available for all ages. Custom experiences are available for an additional fee, depending on location and artist availability. Upon booking, a Broadway Plus representative will contact you to finalize details. 

Exclusive Pricing

Enjoy exclusive discounted pricing when you book an educational event with your Broadway Licensing show license. 

Artist Experience Guarantee

Every experience includes an artist from a Broadway or National Tour. Artists are chosen based on availability and are confirmed after booking. You are always guaranteed the highest quality educational experience. 

The core add-ons are:

  • 30-Minute Virtual Q&A  ($450)
  • 60-Minute Virtual Workshop  ($950)
  • 90-Minute In-Person Workshop  ($1950)


  • Specific artists are not guaranteed, but schools can request certain criteria (non-binary, POC, specific show alumni, etc.) and we’ll do our best to fulfill. Requests are not guaranteed. 
  • Virtual classes take place over Zoom.
  • In-person classes take place at their school or theater. Schools must be within 40 miles of a touring venue, and schools may choose the date of their class based on the touring show schedules. There are no additional travel costs for in-person. 

Educators can choose a class focus based on: 

  • Group Q&A
  • Group Workshop
  • Audition Masterclass
  • Musical Workshop
  • Play Workshop

Each of these classes can be show-related or as a standalone event and happen anytime during the school year. Once your class is booked, a representative will reach out to finalize the event details’ dates and focus.



A Broadway Plus workshop is an experience in which a Broadway artist speaks and works with students in an educational setting.

Group Q&A

$450 Virtual / 30 Minutes

$950 Virtual / 60 Minutes

$1950 In-Person / 90 Minutes

Students are inspired by Broadway performers and the opportunity to ask questions can have a huge positive influence. A Broadway artist will talk with your students and share their unique experiences – everything from how they got their big break to how they maintain excellence while performing. This Q&A is great for groups of any size, all ages, and can cover a wide range of topics. 

Group Workshop

$950 Virtual / 60 Minutes

$1950 In-Person / 90 Minutes

Getting everyone involved is important, and group workshops are perfect for including all students. A Broadway artist will guide students through group-based exercises on your chosen focus of acting, singing, or dance. This may include warm-ups, acting games, learning a dance combo or song from a show, and more. This workshop is great for groups of any size, all ages, and ensures that all students have a chance to participate. 

Audition Masterclass

$950 Virtual / 60 Minutes

$1950 In-Person / 90 MInutes

Nothing can be as nerve racking as auditioning! Give your students the tools they need to feel prepared and confident when walking into an audition room. A Broadway artist will lead them through audition techniques, give one-to-one feedback on individually prepared material, and answer industry questions based on their unique experience. This masterclass is customizable for groups, all ages, and can focus on acting, singing, or dance.

Musical Workshop

$950 Virtual / 60 Minutes

$1950 In-Person / 90 MInutes

The musical is a big deal, and we’ll make it even bigger with a Broadway artist. An artist associated with your show (including Broadway, touring, and regional casts) will work with your students on show-specific material. They’ll give valuable feedback on scenes, songs, characterizations, and give amazing insights having performed in the show themselves. This experience is great during rehearsals and can be customized to focus on specific areas: dance, voice, acting, or all three. Available for all ages any musical title. 

Play Workshop

$950 Virtual / 60 Minutes

$1950 In-Person / 90 MInutes

Whether it’s Almost Maine, Clue, or Check Please, plays are an important part of your season and give your performers variety. An experienced actor familiar with your play will work with your cast on scenes, characterizations, blocking and more. They’ll rehearse and help your students understand the play and get in depth with their acting choices. This experience is great during rehearsals and can be customized to your needs. Available for all ages and any play title. 

Showcase Concert

Custom Pricing

Give your performers the incredible opportunity to sing on stage with a Broadway artist at your theater! This concert is one of the most interactive experiences and features performances from both your students and a Broadway artist:  solos, duets, and group numbers. This event is typically combined with a masterclass and is perfect for fundraisers, holiday concerts, special events, show promotion, opening or closing performances, VIP meet and greets, and more. This option is very popular because you are able to sell tickets to help recoup the cost.


When does the workshop take place? Do I have to decide now?

You choose your date for the workshop! You do not need to decide now – you have up to the full school year to choose a date. Dates must take place during the schedule of a national tour within 40 miles of your school. 

Does the workshop have to take place before my show run ends?

No. You have the full school year to choose a date for your workshop. It can take place any day that works for you. 

Is the workshop related to the show I’m licensing? 

You have flexibility on how to use your workshop. It can be show related, or it can be a standalone event! 

Can I book a class later? 

Yes, you book a workshop later, but the discount pricing only applies when you book at the same time as your license. We strongly recommend you book now to lock it in! 

Who is the artist? 

You are always guaranteed an artist with a Broadway or National Tour credit. Artists are chosen based on availability and are assigned after booking. You are always guaranteed the highest quality educational experience. 

Can I choose my artist?

At these price points, we cannot guarantee specific artists. All artists have either a Broadway and National Tour credit and we guarantee the highest quality class. We strongly recommend booking now to lock in discount pricing.

Where do workshops take place?

Virtual workshops take place over Zoom. In-person workshops take place at your school or theater. 

Do I have to pay any travel costs for in-person workshops?

For the out of the box option, no. You pay only $1850. 

How many students can participate?

Classes are available for groups of all sizes. If you have a large group and want everyone to participate, we highly recommend a Group Q&A or Group Workshop

Will the artist sing?

At these price points, workshops do not include performance from the artist. However, we do offer custom classes with a performance for an additional fee.

Can the class be longer?

We do offer longer and custom classes for an additional fee.