Romance Language

Joe Godfrey
Penny Morgan, single and 32, feels her Mom, Kay, widowed and living alone, is letting life pass her by.  Things change quickly, though, when Kay agrees to take private Italian lessons with a very charming and attractive teacher, Fiore Benedetto.  When the lessons blossom into "something more," Penny, a lawyer who was devoted to her late father, becomes distressed. As in Italian opera, passion, jealousy and perhaps even "vendetta" drive these three people toward a final big decision.
  • Genre: Drama
  • Running Time: 80 - 85 min
  • Cast: 2f, 1m

" may end up in tears by the end of Romance Language, but they
will almost certainly be tears of laughter."

"Lessons will be learned and boundaries will be pushed on this
romantic journey."

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